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Project Name: ALBA

The economy will be underpinned by a native cryptocurrency

Edinburgh City


The currency (ALBA) will enable Metinburgh to become a self-sustaining proposition

Currency Use-Cases


All Land is bought and sold for ALBA when traded to the public


Rewards will be given for achievements using ALBA 

Limited Edition NFTs

Limited edition NFTs that offer time-locked or usage-limited experiences will be bought for ALBA


Gamified challenges and adventures will be rewarded in ALBA

Public Services

Our ambition is to enable council services to be paid on the platform

Assets and Experiences

Purchase of digital assets (e.g. Avatar fashion) and tickets for experiences will be through ALBA


Purchase of items that may be delivered in real life (through standard e-commerce supply chains) will be possible through ALBA

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


  • Key partners may be offered ALBA as part of their parntership agreement

  • Voting within the DAO will be based on a minimum ALBA held basis, except for the Governance group whill will proposed votes via NFT held

  • Locking of ALBA by users for set periods will be possible and will be rewarded with an appropriate reward return system

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